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This site is dedicated to Edmond Kaiser, 1914-2000, founder of the Swiss humanitarian organisations “Terre des hommes” and “Sentinelles” and, in particular, to those who continue to pursue his work at the noma centres at Zinder, Niger, and other African countries. “Sentinelles” was created in 1980 and is dedicated to combatting the “destruction of innocence” in the world, especially the sexual mutilation, prostitution and slavery of children in developing countries, and including those who are excluded by disfigurement such as noma.

We thank the healthcare workers and the administration of the University of Geneva Hospitals for their dedication to patient care and logistic support in the field of humanitarian medicine.

We gratefully acknowledge the support and encouragement of Gertrude Hirzel of the Hirzel Foundation.



Fondation Gertrude Hirzel

Service de Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructive et Esthétique

Genomic Research Laboratory

PCI (contrôle et prévention d el'Infection – Prof Didier Pittet)

Service d'épidémiologie clinique

Hôpital des enfants (prof Alain Gervaix)

Service de parodontie en Médecine dentaire (Prof Andrea Mombelli)